Thursday, 21 April 2016

Help for First Home Buyers.

If you have bought or sold property you come across a real estate agent. The sales people who are engaged by a seller to help them market and sell their property. But a “buyer′s agent” a person engaged by a buyer to help them find, negotiate and purchase a property whom are engaged by the buyer to secure the best deal possible.
I believe that many property buyers need greater support and professional advice when making a purchasing decision, to ensure they are fully represented in the purchasing process, especially first home buyers with minimal exprience
Purchasing a home or investment property is a huge decision and it is most likely going to be the biggest financial decision you ever make, so you cannot afford to get it wrong.  A buyer′s agent can provide you with all the knowledge you need to be able to make an informed decision about a property cutting out real estate agent spin and help you avoid costly mistakes. 
Take the negotiating a property sale for example, it can be a difficult task and requires great skill. Experienced buyers agents are negotiating for their clients constantly so they understand the process and have strategies. Also they are fully aware of the methods used by sales agents. Buyers Agents understand the time demands and the stress when searching for a home or investment, so they help eliminate this as much as possible.”
Some of the main reasons why people have hired Wise Real Estate Advice: 
·       Save time and Money - these days everyone is run off their feet trying to keep up with their busy work, family and social schedule. Many clients simply don’t have the time to do the necessary research to make informed decisions.

·       Property appraisal - we work out what a property is actually worth in today's market. This means no guess work when beginning negotiations.

·       Silent Listings: WRA inspects properties that are not marketed publicly because of our long established selling agent relationships – these are properties that our clients would otherwise never hear about.

·       Strategic property negotiationWe are experienced real estate agents that have sold hundreds of properties, we know how to negotiate the lowest possible price that the vendor will accept. Our clients don't pay any more than they need to.

Mark Ribarsky